Compensation for your injury made easy during COVID

Sunday February 7th 2021

Injuries are bad enough, but during COVID claiming for compensation is now more difficult than ever. Not to worry, here at Ask Legal, we understand all the hurdles in injury claims during the pandemic and will go out of our way to help you get the compensation you deserve.

Do you remember in your childhood being playing outside and injuring yourself? Some parents are sympathetic, but others will tell their kids "come on, get up! Injuries are a part of life!" Well, they were right! That doesn't mean you shouldn’t get help you overcome your injury crisis. At Ask Legal Solicitors, we aim to help you recover your rightful compensation and see you get back on track with your life.

Not all injuries are your fault. You could have been injured in a car accident or suffered a nasty fall at work. For such injuries, you have the right to claim compensation!

How COVID complicates the legal process:

COVID makes difficult your path towards legal victory due to many reasons:
• Closure of courts
• Difficulty in gathering evidence
• Lack of communication & physical presence
• Delay in medical examinations
• Improper rehabilitation services due to lack of physical presence
• Financial instability.

Ask Legal Solicitors aim to provide you with the best legal advice possible in order to get around these hurdles. We work on a No Win No Fee basis, so there are no upfront or hidden costs. We will overcome these hurdles for you through a clear and actionable plan that will see you through every step of your journey with the least amount of fuss and time wasted.

What you can do to help your case:

First things first: your health is a priority. Make sure that you get seen by a health professional as soon as possible if necessary. Always safeguard and prioritise your health before any financial gain.

You should also be sure to take pictures of your wound or injury if there it is visible. Try also to take pictures of where you were injured and what you were injured by - this will help speed up our understanding that the injury was not your fault. You can even write down what happened to help keep the events accurate.

You can send any pictures and description of your injury to, or you can fill out our form. Give us a call: 0161 436 0000.

We have a very high solicitor to staff ratio, so we can really quickly get down to giving you the best advice.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you get the compensation you deserve!