How does Tier 4 affect tenants?

Thursday January 7th 2021

Our homes have been the safe space we have needed from the COVID pandemic 2020
has been very difficult for the whole world and we are all hoping that 2021 is a better
year for all of us! Even for most of 2021, it’s likely that we will all still have the
responsibility of self-isolating and both tenants and landlords have to take this into

There are new rules and regulations for both tenants and landlords of Tier 4 lockdown
areas that are there to protect people from breaking social distancing protocols and
staying safe. ALL working visits to your home must be undertaken following the
government’s guidelines on working in other people’s homes, as well as social

Your landlord should not visit your home if anybody in the house is symptomatic or is
self-isolating. This includes things related to paying rent and viewing the property. If you
are symptomatic or self-isolating, your landlord should contact you in ways that don’t
breach social distancing rules, such as by phone. Do not be pressured by your landlord
into breaking social distancing rules- your health is the most important thing!

If there is a transition in which you are moving to a new home and your landlord wants to
conduct repairs or surveys on things such as gas and electric, this should be done by
appointment and agreed on in advance of the day if survey. It is absolutely crucial that
social distancing rules are enforced, such as by having no contact with the surveyor, or
by staying in a different room. The surveyor should wear a mask through the entire

If you are moving into a new home, your landlord should ensure that the home is clean
and houses as low risk as possible of spreading the virus. This could be by removing all necessary items and disinfecting the property.

While landlords have the responsibility of looking after their tenant, you, the tenant must
also do your best to ensure that you are keeping within the guidelines that are set in
order to protect your safety from the virus.